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The neighborhood that a house is located in is as important as the house itself. If you don't think so, consider what you'd feel like if you had to listen to neighbors fighting, cursing and swearing late into the night two or more times a week. Living around people who love to socialize is another potential drawback associated with buying a house in a bad neighborhood.

Strangers near your home is just the beginning when it comes to bad neighborhoods

People who love to socialize might force you to have to watch one stranger after another pull alongside the street, taking up yet another street parking spot that you,your spouse or adult child wanted to use, but never get home in time to park in. That's just the beginning of the problems that are linked with moving to a bad neighborhood that is home for one or more people who socialize on a large scale one or more times a week.

Parking space shortage is just the start of problems that are linked with living in the same neighborhood as outgoing people who feel the happiest when crowds of people are keeping them company at their home. Following are five more telltale signs that you're about to move to a bad neighborhood. Don't overlook these signs if you want to be happy in the neighborhood where you live.

  • Property disrespect - Using your household equipment like snow blowers and water sprinklers without asking or longer than they agreed to can lead to heated disagreements.
  • Untamed and aggressive pets - It's not safe if aggressive pets like large dogs are allowed to run off a leash throughout a neighborhood. Young children aren't the only people who could get injured. Aggressive pets can attack, jump, scratch or bite adults too.
  • Illegal activities - Drug dealing, prostitution and Ponzi schemes are types of illegal activities that occur in neighborhoods around America. These aren't the neighborhoods that you want to live in.
  • Cars parked in the area during work hours - See nearly the same amount of cars parked in a neighborhood during work hours as you see parked in the area at night and there's a good chance that adults in the community either work from home, part-time or are unemployed. If it's the latter, it might be a good idea to avoid moving in the neighborhood if people are unemployed simply because they don't want to work.
  • Lack of community - In bad neighborhoods residents may scarcely speak to each other which could lead to a feeling of isolation. Bad neighborhoods are also home to people who drag their neighbors in and out of civil court .

Recognize the five tell tale signs of a bad neighborhood to avoid at home dread

Relationships that you have with your family members who are moving with you to a new neighborhood are you're only current relationships that will go unchanged after you buy a house in a new part of town.  After you move, dozens of new people may enter your life at once.

Each of these people brings personality traits, hang ups and challenges, some more than others. That will happen regardless of the neighborhood that you move to. However, move to a bad neighborhood and the personalities, hang ups and personal challenges could cost you sleep, restfulness and peace of mind. Recognize the five tell tale signs of a bad neighborhood early. It could save you a lot of dread.