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Just like kids, your pets need a safe home to live in. Just like a curious toddler pets can get into everything! So here are some tips to keeping your four-footed children safe in your home. The first thing you may want to do is get down on all fours and paw your way around your home looking for potential pet hazards. By taking the time to look at your home through your pet's eyes you will be able to more likely spot possible problem areas. -Take precautions with your plants.  Many common house plants are poisonous to pets when chewed or ingested. Check your plants and either eliminate toxic plants or move them to a safe area away from pets. -Lock your cabinets. Just like you would for a young child lock up medications, and keep household and lawn chemicals out of reach from pets. -Install toddler safety gates to keep animals in safe areas only. -Move the trashcan to a location that your pet cannot access. Food wrappers and some foods like grapes and raisins are harmful for pets. Put your trash in a locked cabinet if possible. -Look for strangulation hazards. Curtains and blind cords should be tied up and kept out of your pet’s reach. -Tuck away and hide wires and cords that are often temptation for pets who like to chew. -If you want to be extra-cautious, consider keeping your pets in a crate when you have to leave the house.